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You Dont Have to Have a Quarter to Call Someone Who Cares

How much are you paying for long distance phone calls? What is the latest deal you received in the mailbox? It can get even better. Would you consider paying one cent a minute for long distance phone calls if there were no strings attached? It could get even better than that. Would you believe that you could call out to anyone of your friends with a computer through your computer rather than using the telephone? Did you know it can be done for FREE over the Internet? No kidding. No cost to you or the receiver. It is called Broadband and it is totally awesome.

There are several programs available on the Internet to sign up on and it works just like a telephone call. The two computers involved in communication will need to have a microphone and speakers. It is also possible to teleconference while connected via broadband by the integration of a small camera that hooks up to the computer. Get on the bandwagon by looking into some of the different Broadband programs offered. Aside from the obvious question of how does one go about signing up, one might ask how fast is it? Does it take forever to get the vocal message back and forth between parties?Technology has come a long way my friend. The difference in transmissions relay between the telephone to telephone connections versus the computer to computer connection is miniscule.

Companies find this particular use very handy because the amount they save in phone charges and traveling to attend meetings is astronomical. This way all of that money can be saved and perhaps even reinvested in the company to increase asset value. As well as serving as a convenience to your company, it just sounds prestigious to say that your company will teleconference via broadband for meetings. For the average Moe, technology can be a scary thing sometimes. Wires and numbers and signals Oh my! If you are too scared to attempt this journey on your own, utilize your resources. For little to nothing a professional from your local internet provider can explain to you step by step instructions to help you hook up onto the broadband service of your choosing but most likely all you would have to do is ask around at school, work, or family gatherings to see who has the technological know how.

It is so painless! Just think of all the money you can save. The first step is for some reason always the hardest. Simply get started and once you start to see the amazing savings in long distance telephone bill, you'll be hooked my friend. In addition to all of the fun you will have playing with teleconferencing you get to keep in touch with all of your friends and family.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as high speed broadband at http://www.highspeedbroadbandservice.com

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