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Popular D screensavers are only saving screen or someting more

Screen savers became popular in the good old days when they addressed an important, even vital, problem of - you'll laugh! - saving the screen. Years ago, in the times of single-task OSes and old monitors, the screensaver concept was introduced as a must (because if the same picture remained on the old screen for too long, the picture would physically damage the screen and create "burnt-out pixels" on it.) In those sad old days, CRT screens had to change their picture frequently enough to prevent pixel burnout. Years have passed, and modern monitors have almost no need for "saving the screen". Times when screensaver programs were actually used for screen saving (i.e.

for prevention of "phosphor burn-ins") are way back in the past. It is no longer a goal for modern 3D screen savers. Now we have 3D screensavers that demonstrate one's humor and art capabilities, 3D screensavers that stimulates one to work hard and 3D screensavers that help one rest and relax. And ? one the most precious types of 3D screensavers are those that change your feeling and bring you to other places ? at least, for few moments. When you are looking at your computer's 3D screensaver, it's about the same as if you were looking through a virtual window.

You see something there, that thing may be pretty or scary, but it's "behind the monitor". Many 3D screensavers try to convince you, "you're not in a stuffy office, you're outside", but instead, you just see "one more window". This other place should be something cooler than your stuffy office - for example, a seaside. Or, even better, sea underwater - like in Aqua Life: 3D Dolphin Screensaver! This advanced screensaver models 3D sea underwater with its mysterious life - not only dolphins (like the name says) but many more! And unlike other detailed 3D screensavers, 3D Dolphin Screensaver loads itself in a moment - no more "Loading." process! And alongside with its great speed, the screensaver is ready for any complex modern system, as it can render its 3D pictures on dual monitor systems as well! For the "full dive" effect, the screensaver will also sing you the song of sea. So, run Aqua Life: 3D Dolphin Screensaver! and feel yourself like in sea, not like in office! Nowadays 3D screensavers are just an entertainment: when you aren't using your computer, why should it look like a boring workplace, reminding you of the future work awaiting you? Let it be colorful and 3-dimensional, let it dance and entertain you! Then, step further: if you're not working on the computer but still are in the room, your 3D screensaver can become an ACTIVE entertainment ? a really simple game that requires just a few mouse moves.

Fairy Day: Christmas 3D Screensaver! is a combination of the goodies. It is a full 3D screensaver with many winter and Christmas scenes which you can change with a single key press. And by hitting Enter you can run a small (but still 3D) Christmas game! The idea is simple: evil gnomes are trying to steal Santa's presents, and you are to fire the Christmas fireworks to scare them and save Christmas.

All you need to do is just move the mouse and click on the fireworks. Fairy Day: Christmas 3D Screensaver! not only saves your screen, it relaxes you and extends your happy mood! Finally, I must notice, nevertheless, 3D screensavers are still alive and are becoming some kind of art and entertainment. Those inventive animated essences, which run themselves when you don't touch your computer, create some "restful atmosphere".

For complete information visit our 3D Screensavers site or direct Dolphin Screen saver page

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