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Web Based Conferencing

Web based conferencing in simple terms can be defined as conferencing or discussions via the Internet. It is mainly used for conducting live discussions, meeting or presentations on the Internet. Earlier it was done via text messages on various chat engines, and did not include live discussions, and was known as computer conferencing or Web Based Conferencing. But today with more advancements and faster technologies they are called live discussions. Through web based conferencing we are said to be living in a global village, where we do not need to travel from places to places to meet people and discuss various projects with them.

The communication strategies and styles have changed a lot, life has become faster and interpretative, and we can talk to our clients or partners sitting abroad with the loss of not even a single penny. Other features which help in increasing the effectiveness of a presentation are web cameras, slide presentations on power point, audio communication with the use of headphones and speakers, text chat for solving online problems and queries, and desktop sharing for sharing files or documents with other members of the conference. Procedure Of Web Based Conferencing In a live conference or web conference, each member or participant of the conference operates from his or her own PC either from home or from office. All the members of the conference are connected to each other via the Internet.

The participants can simply log in to the conference or to the concerned forum by entering its URL address and individual passwords. Web Based Conferencing is a service provided by a vendor, for which he charges a fixed amount of money. The money charged can be on the basis of usage per minute or can be purchased from the dealer for a fixed period of time having facilities of downloading and other advantages. These facilities provided differ according to the scheme or package purchased by the customer.

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