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Spyware Should be Removed

Spyware, hated by almost all, and still widely used. But how common is spyware? Could you have some installed on your computer at this moment? Read on and learn more about this hated software. If you use the internet, "There is over 90% chance your computer is infected with spyware" - Source CNN. How dangerous are spyware? Here's a short list of things spyware can do. ? Spyware can run completely hidden on your computer ? It can slow down your computer a lot ? It can spy on you and send everything you type to someone else ? It can record everything you do, allowing someone to see it later ? It can spy on you and send account information, passwords, credit card numbers and similar to a third party ? It can "steal" files, pictures, videos and more from your computer Some spyware will do just a few things and others everything from the list above, and more.

You must keep your computer clean from spyware or risk loosing personal information, financial information and even your private photos or family videos. Run a spyware scanner regularly to clean out any spyware that may have sneaked their way into your computer. Do note that antivirus software (even the most expensive ones) have problems to keep spyware out.

So get a good anti spyware software and use it! No matter what the spyware's purpose really is, the bottom line is that at the very least it will cause you countless hours of problem solving and slow downs on your computer. Scan your PC now to make sure it is clean. If you find anything, avoid using any credit cards or visit your online bank until the PC is cleaned with a top anti spyware software. There are many different types of software that can harm, cripple or just reside quietly inside your computer. Beside virus, the most common types are Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Backdoors, Bots and Dialers. They all have different agendas but will to a degree change the way your computer function and how well it works.

This beside the obvious threath the program itself impose. Many may think that antivirus programs are good protection against spyware, adware and other types of Malware. The problem is that most commonly used spyware and adware are not exactly virus or "bad software". Spyware is meant to spy on you and collect certain information. This information is then sent to some company that collects data from many computers and use or sell statistics over what people does with their computers.

This is what happens if one of the "good" spyware programs infect your computer. A bad spyware will grab your credit card information, bank id and login, email content or similar and send it to someone who uses it to rob you, commit crime or even worse. You should check and clean your computer on a regular basis. Keeping it clean will improve how well it runs, as well as keeping your vital information where it belongs, with you! You must get a good spyware detection program and keep it updated. There are many tools that will help you clean your computer and choosing is not easy. More information can be found on our site.

Kenth "The Designer" Nasstrom writes aboutspyware, adware and other non wanted software. You should find out how to clean your computer now and reduce the risks of anything of value being ripped out of your computer.

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