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Slow Running ComputerTry This To Fix It

Most of us get slower with age and computers do the same but for different reasons. When you start up your brand new computer it gallops along at top speed. You move easily between websites. Then you begin to notice after a while--it could take a year or two-- that the computer is a lot slower than it used to be. It takes quite a while for it to start up and moving from one website to another is pretty slow now.

As time progresses it gets even slower. What is wrong? Why is that once fast computer now crawling along at a snails pace? Well in most cases the answer is quite simple-- your registry is bloated and loaded with unecessary junk. What is your registry? To put it very simply it is a databank of information which the operating system uses to run the computer and perform the tasks you ask it to do. All Windows computers since Windows 95 have a registry.

The registry becomes bloated with thousands of pieces of junk as time goes by. There are pieces of programs which were not completely uninstalled, pieces of programs which were never completely installed,useless drivers and shortcuts and a host of other items. It is probable that you have spyware in the registry also.This has been installed without your knowledge and is causing problems as it carries out its anonymous business from your computer. In short your registry is full of pieces of junk data which the operating system must pick its way through to carry out its work of running the computer.

Having all these pieces of junk in your registry leads to a great slow down of your computer and can also cause freezing. The solution to this problem is to remove the junk from your registry. How are you going to accomplish this? Regedit is a function which is installed in all Windows computers for this purpose. So long as you can distinguish between what items should be removed and which must remain in the registry you will not have a problem. Just delete the items you want to remove and thats it. Its really simple.

Or is it? Do you know which items must remain in the registry. If you remove them you may put your computer completely out of action. They are essential for its operation. Other registry items are needed to run programs on your computer. Do you know which is which? If not it would be very unwise to try to do a registry cleanup manually.

There is help at hand however. You will find a number of registry cleaning applications being offered on the internet. We have tried most of them and found that they all do a reasonable job but some are better than others in performance and ease of use. Most of these programs can clean your registry for you but performance varies considerably. You can surf the internet to see what is available in registry cleaners or check with us to see what we found best. You can have a free scan from some of the applications on the internet to tell you what your problems are,then you can decide what you want to do about it.

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