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How To Hook Prospects On Your Website

Web surfers will skip from page to page in seconds. If your offer stops them and they want more information provide them with a simple form for name and email address. These days it is no longer acceptable be sent an email and respond the following day with the product or information.

Customers want instant response or they will go elsewhere. The Auto Responder is the answer. When your marketing really takes off you can find your inbox full of hundreds of emails that you cannot possibly answer in a normal working day. This fails to provide the customer with an outstanding experiance and is a wasted marketing opportunity. What you need is a silent sales person that will monitor your email inbox 24 hours a day 7 days a week, never go sick and never take a holiday, and only want $20 a month payment.

We all would love an employee like that. The answer to all those dreams is an "AUTO RESPONDER" or Super Hook and Line. The auto responder will answer requests for information, send out ebooks, and forward your email to the right person for sales, technical queries in fact it will respond to any small form completed by a user with the appropriate response. In addition it will save you an enormous amount of TIME. The prospect can be using your website at any time of day and be sure to receive instant response to the form completed requesting more information.

Customers always "want it now" give it to them and they will love you. Over time you will build up a list of subscribers that you can email with special offers and other information. With further development you can easily build a website that is quite interactive using ebooks, newsletters and simple articles that can all be downloaded within seconds. Offering the prospect an instant answer to their request at the moment they are wanting it. The major benifit of this great tool is customer satisfation and reuse of your website.

As the customer is receiving this information exactly when they want it, as a pre sales tool you will be positioning yourself as an expert provider of information in your field. The net effect is the customer is more likely to return to make purchases as they have made a decision to buy rather than you having to sell them. Customers who "buy" are more valuable than those you have had to "sell"or convince to buy because they have reached the buying conclusion using their own logic process. They are also more likely to share your product information with others and make multiple purchases.

Auto responders have a second major benefit. The worlds ISPs all hate Spam as much as users do. Most website owners are now aware that if they are seen as a spammer their messages will be blocked. Auto Responder providers want traffic delivered and use opt in emails to achieve this. This means that the customer will receive an initial email from you asking them to confirm that they have actually asked for the information. After clicking on the confirmation link the auto responder will send the information requested.

The big benefit to you is that your subscriber list will fill up with real subscribers who actually want your information and the Spam filters are less likely to block your messages. A win win situation for all concerned less Spam and more happy prospects. The major benefit to you is a higher percentage of your emails will get to the prospects this can give a large uplift to your profits when you calculate hits into sales. Serious online business owners must really understand the true benifits of the auto responder and how it will enhance the user experiance.

John Mills is an on and offline business owner. John has made extensive use of auto responders and seen his profits grow by effective use of these tools. http://www.mlm-school.com/autoresponder.html

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